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1. Tbilisi City Tour-  duration 2-3  hours,  it’s  a walking tour in old part of the city that is include in to the pending list to became  world heritage site ( UNESCO) , the noute contains different cultural – historical and architectural monuments  and  the wariety of the landscapes in the small area of the  capital city . Price =  70 $ the amount of persons is unlimited .Tbilisi City tour( combine walking and driving – duration 4-6 hours- includes the same tour mentioned above and  in addition all remarkable places  in old  and new city( museums, lakes, botanical garden , entertainment park and etc.) price = 110$ ( 1-3 persons. The Driver guide and the car) and  130$ ( the driver – guide with comfortable minivan 4-6 persons).

2. Tbilisi –mcxeta – duration 5-6 hours; includes –walking tour in the historical part of Tblisi 2-3  hours. The route includes different cultural and architectural monuments and the variety of the landscapes containing in the small area of the capital city and ARCIENTS town museum Mtskheta with  2 famous chirches that
are protected by UNESCO – VI century Jvari Monastery and  XI century Svetitskhoveli Catedral with beautiful views.  Price = 80 $ ( only guide); 130 $ ( 1-3 persons . Driver – guide and the car) 150 $ ( 4-6 persons . The driver- guide with minivan).

3. Mtskheta- Gori-Uplistsikhe – duration 8-9 hours; includes- ARCIENT city- museum of Mtskheta with World Heritage Cultural Monuments such as VI century Jvari monastery on the top of the mountain with nice panoramic view and the Cathedral of  “Svetitskhoveli” where the robe  of the  Christ is duried and  is frequently visited by piligrims all  over the world.( on the way if tourist want to sample the wine, there is a Royal winery  Chateau Mukhrani with nice courtyard and palace of the prince and possibility to have enjoy the horse riding);Medieval town Gori with nice fortress and the museum of Stalin; Uflistsikhe is an ancient cave town cut into the rock with unforgettable vistas. Price=00$ ( only a guide); 000 $ ( 1-3 persons. The  Driver – guide and the car) and  000$ (4-6 persons. The driver-guide with comfortable minivan).

4. David gareji – Bodbe nunnery – Sighnaghi- duration  9-11 hours ; include  - one of the worlds largest monastic coplex David  Gareji, founded in VI century in semi desert area with nice panoramic views and IX-XI century Georgian frescos ; Bodbe nunnery was founded by enlightener of Georgia Saint Nino IV century and there is a functioning nunnery for today with small and very nice ancient church and miraculous water source marvelous environment and greenery;Sighnaghi old town-it’s famous with it’s location, fortification and talented residents. There is beautiful view over Alazani valley, ethnographical museums with ancient artifacts and famous Georgian self taught painter Pirosmani exhibits) Price=90$ (1-3 persons) and 200$ (4-6 persons driver – guide with comfortable minivan).

5.Sighnaghi- Kvareli Telavi – duration 9-11 hours; includes- Sighnaghi town with fortified wall, ethnographical museum ( with ancient artifacts and original paintings of famous Georgian self taught artist Pirosmani) and unique view over an Alasani valley with the background of Caucasian mountains; Kvareli and Telavi district has suggest to tourist many historical and cultural sights  and sampling  of the wine in different ways (as u know Georgia is the birthplace  of the wine  and if u dicide to visit  Kakheti region you should taste original wine quite different than European wines with taste, flavor ,producing and keeping technology). To choose the sights and wine testing are upon the tourists, they are: Money museum (Georgia has minted the coins since  IV century BC), Kvareli historical fortress , Nekresi monastery complex (with oldest existing church from IV century and  beautiful  views and environment), medieval town fortress Gremi (Once it was the capital of Kakheti kingdom and residence of the  king), Alaverdi Cathedral ( build in XI century but founded in VI c. it is one of the a masterpieces of Georgian architecture), Ikalto monastery (founded in VI century with medieval academy that played a big role in Georgian educational system), Tsinandali House museum of prince Aleksandre Chavchavadze ( beautiful  and richly decorated garden, the plants are taken all over the world, winery and the house of the prominent Kakhetian noble family, godson of Ekatherine the Great), medieval Town – Telavi (old historical part of the city contains fortress of the king and exquisitely renovated old houses and theater).Wine tasting  is possible in ordinary style to peasant’s  wine celler( with 500 years old wine press machine and ordinary equipments) or in museum like wine celler ( oldest tools and equipments used in everyday life by our ancestors) or in nice place called Gvirabebi in translation means the tunnels ( there are cut the tunnels in the Caucasus mountain to keep the wine fresh, in Europe this kind of facility there is only in Moldova and Georgia, also in the place there is beautiful panorama and restaurant with the best infrastructure) or in rich restaurant – hotel called Chateau “Mere” with the possibility of horse riding as well.Price =90$ (only guide);  170$  (1-3 persons. The  driver – guide and the car)  and 200$ ( For 4-6  persons. The driver guide with comfortable minivan).






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